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Preventive Maintenance and Technical Services

Computerization has been a valuable tool for every business and organization, especially for you.

Faster data processing, outright information and electronic exchange of data and communication are just some of its convincing benefits.

But a full computerized system is only useful when it is available and working, thus maintenance is the key to its efficiency.

NJS I.T. Solutions has long been in the information and technology business, constantly researching to be able to cope up with the latest in technology. With our extensive computer and information technology experience, we were able to help several companies, cooperatives and businesses in maximizing their computers and network infrastructures through an extensive preventive maintenance system and other I.T. related quality services.

A Computer Maintenance Service to ensure you with on time and prioritized quality technical support. With our in-depth knowledge of computer systems, we greatly believe that we would be able to help you in maintenance of the most critical and important aspects of your computer system.

NJS I.T. SOLUTIONS is TESDA certified and DTI Accredited as Data Equipment and Service provider with Accreditation Number NCR-A3-00279-07OM.

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